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Receiver, Trustee, International Bankruptcy Administrator

R. A. Yancey & Associates, Inc. has directly and indirectly resolved tens of millions of dollars of assets. The assets were diverse in scope, financially and legally complex, and multi-national, all of which provided invaluable experience with multifaceted projects and opportunities to serve developers, debtors, lender groups, courts, and other governmental agencies.

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Our Servuces

"Over the years, I have worked many times with Mr. Yancey in his capacity as a court-appointed receiver or trustee for projects both large and small. In every case, Ray brought to the table a wealth of knowledge in the evaluation of assets and development of a strategy to maximize recovery. He and his staff are also very experienced in the day-to-day operations of the asset, which so often is a critical factor in maximizing the recovery."

Lizabeth Lee Walther, Esq

Court Appointed Special Receiver
Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors Assignee
Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcy Trustee
Consultant to Lenders on Loan Workouts, Bankruptcy and Asset Liquidation
Turnarounds & Workouts
International Bankruptcy Administrator

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